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  • Cycle Times Shift as Interview to Offer Grows, While Offer to Acceptance Dips

    February 06, 2023 | By Kevin Gray

    Recruiting Benchmarks
    A recruiter interviews a job candidate.

    TAGS: operations, trends and predictions, surveys, benchmarks, nace insights, cycle time, talent acquisition

    The amount of time for students participating in a job interview to receiving an offer has increased significantly in the past several years, according to NACE’s 2022 Recruiting Benchmarks Report.

    The time from interview to offer has gone from an average of slightly less than 20 days in the 2015 survey to nearly 26 days in the 2022 report, for an increase of 28.6%. Last year, this  was 24.5 days.

    Although there had been a corresponding increase in the amount of time candidates took to go from offer to acceptance, that changed in the 2022 report: Respondents reported average time from offer to acceptance was 12 days, down from 15.7 days reported in the 2021 report

    The 2022 Recruiting Benchmarks Report explores key aspects of university recruiting, such as the structure, staffing, focus, and execution of the efforts, and provides outcome-oriented benchmarks and metrics. The survey on which this report is based was conducted from May 9, 2022, until June 17, 2022, and was distributed to 816 organizations holding NACE membership as well as nonmembers. There were 183 NACE member respondents, representing 22.4% of eligible member respondents. An additional 27 responses were received from nonmember companies. The 2022 Recruiting Benchmarks Report is available to members through MyNACE.