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  • What Is the NACE Mentor Program?

    The Mentorship Program helps NACE members share knowledge and ideas, and aids less experienced members in gaining expertise and building a professional network. Mentors are paired with mentees by association (college or employer), interests, and geographic region. Mentor and mentee determine the length of the formal relationship. The Mentor Program is open to NACE members only.

    Application Process

    Go to MyNACE and apply through the Mentor Program by completing the Mentor/Mentee Information section. Choose to be a mentor or mentee and indicate the type association you prefer and your interests. Matches will be made on a bi-monthly basis.

    Am I Eligible?

    Mentors should have:

    • Five years or more professional experience in the career services or college recruiting profession. (Note: If you have less than five years of experience, you can still apply for consideration if you have a specific area of expertise to share.)
    • Expertise in any of the following areas: leadership, communication skills, strategic decision making, organizational skills, and resource management.
    • The ability to provide insights into the profession to help guide the mentee.

    Mentee should be:

    • New career services or employer professionals, and/or those wishing to broaden their professional acumen.
    • New or current members who are transitioning from one profession to another.

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