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  • NACE Quick Polls

    1. NACE September 2021 Quick Poll: Racial Injustice Follow Up

      In a follow up to its August 2020 quick poll, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is polling employers and career services professionals on their efforts to address racial injustice in their practices and operations. Results are available in real time.

    2. NACE August 2021 Quick Poll: Fall 2021 Recruiting

      NACE is polling employers and career services professionals on their plans for fall 2021 in light of the pandemic and greater opportunity to return to in-person interactions. The polls run July 27 through August 20, 2021, and results are offered in real time.

    3. Spring 2021 Quick Poll on Internships and Fall Recruiting

      NACE is polling employer members and nonmembers about their plans for their summer internship programs and fall 2021 recruiting. The poll, which runs April 6 – April 30, 2021, looks at internship format, e.g., in person, virtual, hybrid.

    4. NACE Report: COVID-19 Quick Poll Series

      From March through June 2020, NACE conducted a series of monthly quick polls among its members to gauge how their operations and plans—including job offers and plans for summer internships—were affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This report compiles poll results.

    5. NACE Quick Poll: Responding to Racial Injustice

      In August 2020, NACE launched quick polls to gauge how institutions, organizations, and individual career services and recruiting offices are responding to the need to address racial injustice.

    6. Coronavirus Quick Poll

      NACE is polling its members regarding their response to the coronavirus (COVID-19).