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  • Membership Tiers

    Annual membership fees are based on a tiered membership model.

    Tiers Individuals Per Tier Fee Per Year
    Tier 1-2 1 – 2 $475
    Tier 3-5 3 – 5 $675
    Tier 6-10 6 – 10 $1,130
    Tier 11-25 11 – 25 $2,825
    Tier 26+ 26 or more $5,650

    • What is tier membership?

      Tier membership provides for a minimum and maximum number of individuals at the same organization to receive NACE member benefits for one fee. (At colleges and universities, the IPEDS number is used to determine if individuals are at "the same organization." )

    • What is the advantage to this type of membership?

      This model emphasizes delivering benefits to everyone who needs them, with less paperwork and hassle. Everyone gets the same benefits.

    • Who manages the membership? How does this work?

      One person is designated as the key contact for the membership; this person initiates and manages the membership; he or she designates who, in addition to him- or herself, receives member benefits, adds individuals to any open spots in the tier, and receives the renewal notice on behalf of all.

    • Who gets which benefits? Who is the member?

      Everyone in the tier is a member and receives the same benefits: Each person designated to receive member benefits receives an individual login and password; these may not be shared.

    • Can an organization have more than one membership?

      Yes. Because each membership must have a key contact, it may not be feasible for your organization to have just one membership.

      For example, the College of Business career center and the College of Liberal Arts career center may each maintain their own membership tier: Each has a key contact who identifies the benefit recipients and handles the renewal.

    • What if we have four people who want benefits? Can we pro-rate the fee for Tier 3-5?

      No, you cannot prorate the fee. Each tier is covered by a flat fee. However, you can designate another individual to receive membership benefits.

    • Can we change who is designated to receive member benefits?

      You can reassign membership benefits, if an individual in your membership tier leaves or takes on a different job function. However, you may not reassign benefits from one existing staff member to another.

    • Can we add members?

      Yes. There are two ways to do this.

      1. You can add as many individuals as you have openings: For example, you have selected Tier 11-25, but only have 18 individuals designated to receive benefits. In this case, you can assign seven more individuals at your organization to receive benefits. There is no additional charge for this.
      2. If you need to add individuals but do not have any openings in your current membership, you can make additions for $325 per individual. This is a flat fee. When your membership is up for renewal, you will renew under the appropriate tier.
    • Can Membership be Cancelled?

      Membership cancellations received within 7 days of joining/renewing may be eligible to receive a full refund less $50 service fee.

      Cancellations received after the stated deadline will not be eligible for a refund.

    Please note that any costs incurred by NACE for special form requests (i.e., IRS, etc.) will be invoiced to the member.


    Contact NACE Member Services at, 610.625.1032.