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  • Why Seasonal Recruiting Is Out of Season

    • Career Level: Intermediate- and advanced-level university relations and recruiting professionals
    • Competency: Talent Selection
    • Fee: $29 (member); $49 (nonmember)

      This product is currently unavailable. If you have any questions, please contact NACE Education & Events at, 610.625.1026.

    • Summary

      Join presenters from WayUp and KPMG to explore why top employers are throwing the seasonal recruiting playbook out the window and turning to a model that enables them to have ongoing conversations with candidates. These conversations are personalized and lead to a higher conversion and improved employer brand.

      Following this program, you will be able to:

      • Explore why seasonal recruitment has become obsolete, especially given the rise of always-on Gen Zers in a virtual world;
      • Learn tactical tips and immediate take-aways that will empower your team to adopt a new approach to its recruitment strategy;
      • Discover real-world examples about how companies market themselves all year round, even if they only have jobs live for three months of the year; and
      • Identify quantifiable ways this kind of change will improve your talent network and employer brand.


    Visit the FAQ page or contact NACE Education & Events at, 610.625.1026.

Why Seasonal Recruiting Is Out of Season