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  • NACE Career Coaching Basics Series

  • Summary

    The Career Coaching Basics webinar series provides recommendations for conducting a coaching session and includes strategies for establishing client goals, measuring client progression toward goal attainment, and providing development resources that contribute to client’s success. Career coaches will assist clients in mitigating individual risk using a strategic decision making approach.

    Part I: Career Focused Coaching Approach

    Learners will identify the basic elements of a coaching session with a focused approach on monitoring client progress and establish goals as they relate to career coaching. In analysis of decision making models, learners will be able to assist clients in understanding the manner in which decisions affect the coaching process and ultimately goal attainment.

    Following this program, you will be able to:

    • Assist client in establishing short and long term goals and development a personal action plan;
    • Describe methods for monitoring client progress;
    • Analyze decision making models that reduce client risk and promote positive progression toward achievement of goals.

    Part II: Career Focused Resource Development

    Learners will expand and enhance strategies used to assist clients in their transition into a professional role and have a toolbox of resources to provide which leverages the client’s ability to meet their individual goal.

    Following this program, you will be able to:

    • Use strategies to leverage client’s ability to successfully transition into a new role;
    • Describe elements of the professional portfolio and benefits of client use; and
    • Evaluate availability of services and resources for long term and independent client development.

    Presenters: Angela Gieber Hayes, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Alumni and Graduate Student Career Services, Kansas State; and Lori Trahan, PhD, Associate Director, the Career Services Center, Kennesaw State University

    Visit the FAQ page or contact NACE Professional Development at, 610.625.1026.