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  • Disruption = Change: Advancing Equity for Marginalized Students

    • Career Level: Basic-, intermediate-, and advanced-level career services professionals
    • Competency: Fostering global and diverse connections
    • Fee: $29 (member); $49 (nonmember)
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    • Summary

      First-generation, low-income, and students of color (underrepresented students) are much more likely to be underemployed (occupy jobs inadequate with respect to their training or economic needs) in their first job, and to remain underemployed.  Furthermore, first-generation students earn less than their peers, primarily due to variance in the job sectors, types, and locations.

      Colleges and universities have a shared responsibility to mitigate the perpetual class and income disparities among their graduating students. Ideally, career services as well as campus and community partners are perfectly situated to improve economic opportunities for students.

      Meleani Bates, Clark College, and Jonathan Stoll, Oregon State University, will share how their work centers on disruption, equity, and innovation at their respective career centers. Through dialogue and storytelling, we invite you to co-create knowledge, examine how professionalism is steeped in whiteness, and interrogate current inequitable practices in the field. The webinar goes beyond the conversation about the need  for a diversity, equity, and inclusion framework within our career centers, and introduces participants to how we do this.