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  • Preliminary Poll Results Show Pace of Funding for Recruiting, Serving Marginalized Groups

    October 08, 2021 | By Kevin Gray

    Trends & Predictions
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    Spotlight for Career Services Professionals
    Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals

    URR functions and career services operations have received increased funding and resources to address racial injustice and the needs of historically marginalized groups, just at different paces, according to preliminary results of NACE’s September 2021 quick poll on racial injustice

    In August 2020, more than half of employer respondents (51%) said they were given additional funding and resources since June 2020 to recruit candidates who have historically been underrecruited. In the year since, that has increased to 68%, indicating that most of the employers that were planning to give additional funding for these efforts did so within the first two months.

    Meanwhile, in August 2020, only 8% of college respondents said that, since June 2020, they were given additional funding and resources to serve historically underserved students. That percentage has tripled since—currently standing at 24%—showing that while they are making strides, colleges have been slower to allocate money and resources to these efforts.

    NACE is polling employers and career services professionals on their efforts—and those of their organizations and institutions—to address racial injustice and the needs of historically marginalized groups. This poll is a follow up to NACE’s August 2020 quick poll and is designed to gauge the level of progress made in addressing discrimination and inequitable practices and policies. In addition to addressing inequities in recruiting, hiring, and the workplace as they relate to new college graduates and interns, the poll looks at the internal policies and practices of career centers and their institutions as well as at recruiting operations and their organizations. The poll runs September 15 – October 12. Results are available in real time and will also be reviewed and discussed at a NACE Town Hall in November.