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  • The Information Students Seek on Career Websites

    February 10, 2016 | By NACE Staff

    Student Attitudes
    Two students review a career finder website together.

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    Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals

    For your organization's career website to meet the needs of student job seekers, it should focus more on offering information about current openings and salaries/compensation and less on employee comments about the organization and internship opportunities.

    Students responding to NACE's Class of 2015 Student Survey were asked to choose the type of information they seek on job-search websites from a list of eight items and to rank their top three.

    Job-seeking students were by far most interested in finding current job openings and salary/compensation information. (See Figure 1.)

    A lesser interest was expressed in job descriptions of entry-level positions, and opportunities for training and development.

    However, students expressed little interest in finding out about employer's products and services, employer's contributions to the community, employee's comments about the organization, or internship opportunities.

    The Class of 2015 Student Survey was administered to 39,950 students at the associate's, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree levels through NACE's college members from February 11, 2015, to April 30, 2015. The focus of the survey report is the 9,184 bachelor's degree students who indicated that they would be graduating—or already had graduated—during the 2014-2015 academic school year (July 1 to June 30), and were thus members of the Class of 2015. The Class of 2015 Student Survey was sponsored by Enterprise.

    Survey participants can access a full copy of the report through MyNACE. Highlights from the Class of 2015 Student Survey are available at

    Figure 1: The information students seek on career websites

    Information type % of all votes % of first-place votes
    Current job openings 20.0% 28.2%
    Salary/compensation 22.8% 20.0%
    Job descriptions for entry-level positions 17.3% 18.8%
    Training/development opportunities 15.9% 13.8%
    Employer's products/services 6.7% 6.4%
    Employer's contributions to the community 5.3% 4.7%
    Employees' comments about the organization 9.0% 4.2%
    Internship opportunities 3.0% 3.8%
    Source: Class of 2015 Student Survey, National Association of Colleges and Employers