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  • Introducing Interns: By Location or Company-Wide?

    March 19, 2018 | By NACE Staff

    A young intern works at her internship.

    TAGS: internships, operations, nace insights

    Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals

    How do employers announce and introduce their interns throughout their organizations? That’s the question one university relations professional asked colleagues in the NACE Community.

    Initially, she was going to have each location introduce its interns. However, since her company is in the early stages of building its technology program, she hopes that a larger announcement distributed company-wide would help to promote the program and attract other hiring managers to get involved.

    One respondent noted that her organization produces an intern directory each year that is sent to all hiring managers, supervisors, and other senior managers throughout the company—not just in the location where an intern is working.

    “We ask the interns to provide a photo and then list their school, major, where they are working for the summer, and one ‘fun fact’ about themselves,” the university relations team supervisor says.

    Likewise, another respondent’s company creates an intern directory that they “blast out to our company.”

    “I think it is a good resource for the interns and the managers,” says the internship program lead.

    How does your organization announce and introduce its interns? You can join the conversation in the NACE Community.