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  • What Are Employers Wearing During the Career Fair?

    September 26, 2018 | By NACE Staff

    Branding & Marketing
    A group of university and relations recruiting professionals.

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    Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals

    When it comes to career fairs, what your organization’s recruiters wear may give insight into your culture, attract attention to your brand, and more.

    More and more reports are surfacing of recruiters wearing T-shirts emblazoned with an organization’s logo—joining representatives of other organizations who are adorned in business casual and business attire.

    While career services professionals encourage students to dress professionally when meeting recruiters, is it odd that employers aren’t always doing the same?

    “Employers choose to wear the company T-shirt for branding purposes, trying their best to attract students and leave an impression of color and a branding image,” one employer explains. “Many companies compete with the ‘big name brands’ that already have an image stamped in a student’s mind, so the T-shirt is one way to begin a visible brand impression.

    “I do not believe wearing a T-shirt indicates the culture is one of a more relaxed dress environment, or less professional. My organization … may choose to wear our bright green T-shirt with our brand image, and yet we are a culture of business casual dress and exceptional professionalism. Our T-shirt does not diminish this.”

    Other NACE Community members offered their opinions:

    • T-shirts at a career fair are inappropriate if they don’t fit the company culture.
    • A branded T-shirt at a career fair attracts student attention. Marketing materials can demonstrate the employer’s cultural image.
    • Niche events tend to produce employers and students dressing professionally.
    • Students notice what employers wear. While career services staff push the idea of students dressing professionally for events, students are saying, “Well, the employer was in a T-shirt and khakis.”

    What do you think? Join the discussion in the NACE Community.

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