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  • Setting Up a Campus Champion Model

    February 24, 2020 | By NACE Staff

    Best Practices
    A campus champion smiles.

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    Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals

    An employer looking to set up a “campus champion” program as an element in its campus recruiting efforts turned to colleagues in the NACE Community for ideas on staffing, the responsibilities and expectations of the program, and the guidelines for campus engagement.

    Here are some of the suggestions from employers who have a campus champion program:

    Who Are They?

    • Nominations for local management-level alumni of the university come from regional vice presidents.
    • Each target function has a campus champion for each school. (Example, three campus leaders would be needed to represent human resources, supply chain, and engineering).
    • This is a volunteer role, not part of someone’s job description.
    • It is a development opportunity for non-management employees to build leadership/strategy skills.
    • Senior-level employees take the role.
    • Volunteers are selected by the executive leadership teams in each business unit.


    • Visit campus once each semester.
    • Conduct ongoing communication with faculty, campus organizations, and career center staff.
    • Participate in class projects, classroom sessions, faculty meetings, employer information sessions, case studies, and more.
    • Recommend campus events and sponsorships.
    • Develop/maintain relationships with faculty and student groups.
    • Recommend students to move forward in the selection process.
    • Attend career fairs and conduct interviews.

    Do you have a campus champion program? Add your suggestions to the thread, “Employers—Campus Champion Model?” in the NACE Community.