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  • Business Majors Dominate List of Top Majors in Demand

    January 08, 2018 | By NACE Staff

    Trends & Predictions
    A young finance worker smiles.

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    Spotlight for Career Services Professionals

    Eight of the 10 top majors in demand by employers at the bachelor’s degree level fall in the business category continuing a shift away from high-tech majors, according to results of NACE’s Job Outlook 2018 survey.

    This shift away from more high-tech majors toward business majors began in last year’s Job Outlook 2017 survey. In 2016, six of the top 10 top majors were in business.

    The top majors in demand this year are finance, accounting, and business administration/management, followed by computer science. (See Figure 1.) The only other technical major on the list is information sciences and systems, which falls seventh in terms of demand.

    Data for the Job Outlook 2018 survey were collected from August 9, 2017, through October 2, 2017. A total of 201 surveys were returned—a 20.5 percent response rate. The Job Outlook 2018 report is available to members through MyNACE; nonmembers can purchase the report through the NACE store.

    Figure 1: Top Degrees in Demand (Bachelor’s Degree Level)

    Major # of Respondents That Will Hire % of Respondents That Will Hire
    Finance 86 65.2%
    Accounting 80 60.6%
    Business Administration/Management 78 59.1%
    Computer Science 73 55.3%
    Marketing 67 50.8%
    Management Information Systems 66 50.0%
    Information Sciences & Systems 64 48.5%
    Logistics/Supply Chain 64 48.5%
    Sales 60 45.5%
    Human Resources 60 45.5%
    Source: Job Outlook 2018, National Association of Colleges and Employers