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  • NACE Poll: Student Values

    February 04, 2016 | By NACE Staff

    Trends & Predictions
    Four college students have a discussion about what matters most to them.

    TAGS: trends and predictions, student attitudes

    NACE 60th Anniversary: Predictions

    Student Values

    NACE celebrates the past as we envision our future! Now through June, we are honoring NACE's 60 years of service to the profession by looking forward—and we want you to help model a vision of our future as part of that celebration.

    Poll Results: In five years, what will be the qualities that students value most in the employers for which they want to work? (Rank order; 1 = Most valued)

    Share your predictions: Are you willing to share your thoughts, insights, or ideas about where we'll be in 2021? NACE would like to hear from you: We're seeking individuals willing to be interviewed for articles on what the future may hold. Contact Kevin Gray at NACE.