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  • How Employers Help Interns Find Temporary Housing

    April 05, 2017 | By NACE Staff

    An HR rep helps an intern find a temporary apartment for the summer.

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    Spotlight for Recruiting Professionals

    NACE’s 2016 Internship and Co-op Survey found that among employers that offer some manner of relocation assistance to their interns, 61.4 percent offer a housing stipend.

    Employer members of NACE’s Community noted these methods of helping interns with temporary lodging:

    • No stipend offered, but interns are given resources to find housing on their own and connect with other interns to find roommates.
    • Contract with local colleges/universities to house interns in the dorms.
    • Offer full housing with the employer paying $500 to $900 per month.
    • Identify safe locations to rent (but offer no stipend).
    • Interns submit a relocation form and rent is added to their paycheck.
    • Housing is built into total compensation.
    • Resources to find housing are provided and interns are connected by e-mail to find roommates.
    • Provide $35 per day, included in biweekly paychecks.
    • Facebook page maintained for interns to connect about shared housing.
    • Ask employees if they have a room to rent to interns.

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