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  • First Destinations: 2019 Bachelor’s Degree Graduates Post Gains

    February 22, 2021 | By Mimi Collins

    Graduate Outcomes
    A college graduate stares at the horizon.

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    For the college Class of 2019, 2019 was a very good year. At the bachelor’s degree level, 59% were employed in full-time positions with a traditional employer—up just a hair from 58.7% in 2018—and nearly 19% were going on for an advanced degree by the end of the year. (See Figure 1.)

    Overall, the outcome rate for 2019 bachelor’s degree graduates was 86%—meaning nearly nine out of 10 who were seeking a position/advanced education had one within six months of graduation.

    While 2019 graduates saw just a small increase in their employment rate compared to their 2018 counterparts, their gains in salary were substantial: The median salary for 2019 bachelor’s degree graduates employed full time was $52,714 compared with a median of $49,725 in 2018—a 6% increase.

    Figure 1: Class of 2019 bachelor’s degree results

    Total Graduates 549,972
    Knowledge Rate 65.6%
    Career Outcomes Percentage 86.0%
    Percent Employed Overall 64.6%
     Percent Employed Full-time 59.7%
     Percent Employed Part-time 4.9%
     Percent Standard Employment 59.0%
      Percent Standard Employment Full-time 55.3%
      Percent Standard Employment Part-time 3.7%
     Percent Entrepreneur 0.9%
      Percent Entrepreneur Full-time 0.8%
      Percent Entrepreneur Part-time 0.1%
     Percent Temp/Contract Employee 2.0%
      Percent Temp/Contract Employee Full-time 1.5%
      Percent Temp/Contract Employee Part-time 0.5%
     Percent Freelance 0.8%
      Percent Freelance Full-time 0.5%
      Percent Freelance Part-time 0.3%
     Percent Post-Grad Fellowship/Internship 1.9%
      Percent Post-Grad Fellowship/Internship Full-time 1.6%
      Percent Post-Grad Fellowship/Internship Part-time 0.3%
    Percent Service 0.8%
    Percent Military 0.9%
    Percent Continuing Education 18.6%
    Percent Seeking Outcome 13.8%
      Percent Seeking Employment 11.1%
      Percent Seeking Continuing Education 2.7%
    Not Seeking 1.3%
    Mean Starting Salary $54,488
    Median Starting Salary $52,714
    Mean Bonus $8,240
    Median Bonus $5,584

    Detailed results of first destinations for 2019 bachelor’s and master’s degree graduates are available through the Class of 2019 Dashboard.

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