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  • CareerPrepped
    3943 Irvine Blvd. #262
    Irvine, CA 92602

    CareerPrepped is a lifelong career success platform that connects students, educators and employers to enable skills-based hiring at scale. CareerPrepped empowers students to showcase their skills with real-world evidence including portfolio artifacts, endorsements and testimonials. A unique 360° feedback system lets students seek feedback from their online community in order to understand which of their skills are perceived to be well proven and which need stronger evidence. Students can get feedback from all members of the community, including peers, educators and employers so they can improve how well they signal their skills so that employers can make skills-based hiring decisions. The platform’s AI-based job match tool analyzes job listings across the entire internet and offers personalized job matches to students based on their skills and preferences. Additionally, the platform features a job tracker to help students track their job applications, a resume builder for generating personalized resumes, and a library of interview prep videos to enhance students’ interviewing skills. Ultimately, CareerPrepped helps students demonstrate their skills and continually prepare for career success. It helps educators track learners' skill acquisition rather than just grades and course completion, and it enables employers to hire based on verifiable skills.

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    Robert Pearl Starks