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  • Brainstorm Strategy Group Inc.
    3 Selkirk St
    Toronto, ON M4J 1T3

    Brainstorm Strategy Group Inc. provides strategic consulting, actionable research and information, and effective training to the employers that hire students and the institutions that educate them and support their career development. Our clients include KPMG, PwC, Rutgers University, University of Toronto, Deloitte, GE, McGill University, HSBC, Kraft, Bell, and many others. We host the annual Campus Recruiting Forum ( for employers in cities across the U.S. and Canada in partnership with college partners. We also regularly provide advisory services and strategic reviews for career services offices and senior administration looking to advance student career development and improve school-to-work transitions. Our unique niche is our deep understanding of both the career services offices that support students as well as the employers that engage and hire them.

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    Graham Donald