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  • CareerFitter
    28 Schenck Parkway, Suite #200
    Asheville, NC 28803

    CareerFitter is a leading online career platform that offers comprehensive career guidance through its acclaimed CareerFitter Assessment. With over two decades of experience, CareerFitter helps individuals identify their ideal careers and work strengths by evaluating their work personality. The CareerFitter Assessment is free and uses an adaptive response system with charts reflecting their Real-time results. The free career test provides users with a summary of their work personality, including strengths, characteristics, potential earnings, and simulated work scenarios. Paid users receive a personalized Career Dashboard with a curated list of potential careers, an in-depth report on work strengths, ideal job matches, management style, and more. Users also receive a unique visual "Personality Fingerprint" illustrating their work personality strengths across different characteristics. CareerFitter's dashboard includes the Aptitude Aversion Assessment (A3) to refine career options based on environmental preferences and conditioning. The platform offers a robust career search tool, detailed career information, career videos, and a national job search tool for users ready to pursue employment. HR departments and career coaches can access a free Career Coach dashboard to set up co-branded user dashboards, access bulk purchase prices, monitor users' results, and more. Educational institutions can inquire about the PCAA program, which offers free access to students associated with qualifying universities and colleges.

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