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  • Gig Economy Impact on Campus Recruiting: How It Improves Intern and Full-Time Hiring Outcomes

    • Career Level: Basic-, intermediate-, and advanced-level career services, university relations and recruiting, and business affiliate professionals
    • Competency: Relationship development and management
    • Fee: $49 (member); $69 (nonmember)
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    • Summary

      As busy professionals increasingly rely on independent contractors for on-demand support, this provides a unique opportunity for campus recruiting teams and career services departments.  During this panel, we’ll discuss how companies are embracing the “gig economy” to enhance access, employer branding, diversity outcomes, students engagement, relationship development, and hiring and retention outcomes.  We’ll also share how colleges and universities are using it to deepen relationships with existing employer partners, build new relationships, engage alumni and others to support campus recruiting, and differentiate their programs, all of which drive student outcomes.

      Following this program, you will be able to:

      • Communicate the benefits of “gig economy” tools as part of existing campus recruiting processes to internal and external stakeholders;
      • Leverage “gig economy” tools to enhance student access to roles while driving engagement, relationship development, diversity, hiring, and retention outcomes; and
      • Present “gig economy” as a unique opportunity to deepen university / employer relationships.