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  • 2021 NACE Student Survey Results and Reports

    NACE is pleased to announce the new 2021 NACE Student Survey Product Suite.

    This new product suite marks a new and dynamic way for the NACE community to experience and glean meaningful trends and insights from student survey results, which included 15,000 participants from 165 institutions. It includes the following new features:

    • An interactive, data visualization dashboard for honing in on key data points for decision making about student and candidate engagement.
    • NACE Briefs which bring to the forefront compelling findings with implications for our profession and recommendations for addressing challenges.

    These new features are complemented by an executive summary and report for a deep dive into student survey findings.



    Fee: $210 (members); $350 (nonmembers)

    This product suite is FREE to all member participants. If your organization participated in the survey, or you purchased the full product suite, go to MyNACE > Research Reports > 2021 Student Survey Product Suite – 4 Year to access the reports.

    2021 NACE Student Survey Product Suite



    Filtered Data & Custom Views

    Bring the 2021 NACE Student Survey - Class of 2021 data set to life with an interactive dashboard. Create custom views by filtering these results by gender, ethnicity, and major:

    • Internships: Demographics of Interns, Their Pay, Employer Types, Satisfaction, and Other Outcomes
    • Job Offers and Applications for Graduating Seniors by Internship Status
    • 2020 Shift to Virtual Internships for All Undergraduates
    • Experiential Learning: Experiences, Pay, Modality for All Undergraduates
    • Career Readiness: Ratings of Importance and Proficiency for All Undergraduates
    • Career Fair Performance: Attendance, Interviews, & Offers for Graduating Seniors
    • Virtual Recruiting: Participation and Student Evaluations of All Undergraduates
    • Career Center Services: Usage and Helpfulness Ratings for All Undergraduates
    • Job Attributes and Benefits: Importance to Graduating Seniors

    October 2021. Microsoft Power BI. Web format.



    Get the full report

    How do college graduates from the Class of 2021 rank job security, tuition reimbursement, creative self-expression, corporate social responsibility, and more? What does your benefits package need to include? What will make your organization stand out among a sea of competitors? Read the full report for responses gathered directly from students.

    October 2021. 8 1/2" x 11”. 27 pages. PDF format.



    A deeper analysis on the impact of internships for marginalized groups

    Paid internships are an important path to a job for new college graduates, but women, racial/ethnic minorities, and those who are the first in their family to attend college are much less likely to secure one. What does this mean for employers? Read the full brief to find out what NACE’s research revealed.

    This brief is free for NACE members. Download it now at MyNACE > Research Reports > 2021 Student Survey Product Suite – 4 Year

    October 2021. 8 1/2" x 11”. 9 pages. PDF format.



    Discover how students responded to virtual recruiting methods and what that means going forward

    The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way employers look for, recruit, and hire new college graduates: Employers pivoted their efforts to virtual recruiting, pausing from the traditional in-person approach. This brief makes a case for a new recruiting strategy, which emphasizes the importance of proactive virtual recruiting for employers who need and want to build a diverse workforce.

    This brief is free for NACE members. Download it now at MyNACE > Research Reports > 2021 Student Survey Product Suite – 4 Year

    October 2021. 8 1/2" x 11”. 12 pages. PDF format.

    Benefits of Survey Participation

    An essential contribution to the profession

    Primary research surveys are administered annually to assist career services and university relations and recruiting professionals in making data-driven decisions; identifying new opportunities; and forecasting for the future.

    NACE members who participated in the NACE Student Survey receive free access to the entire product suite for every single NACE member at their organization at MyNACE > Research Reports > 2021 Student Survey Product Suite – 4 Year. Nonmembers who participated are eligible for a discounted rate.

    To learn more about survey participation, contact NACE Research at

    Free NACE Member Benefit

    Access both research briefs for free

    NACE members can download the two NACE Briefs for free at MyNACE > Research Reports. That’s a $75 value.


    Not a member? Learn more about other free member benefits today. Tiered pricing can scale to any team size and budget. Contact NACE Member Services with questions. We’d love to speak with you!

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2021 NACE Student Survey Product Suite