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  • First Destinations for the College Class of 2016

    The report for the college Class of 2016 is the third set of first-destination data for undergraduates, and the second set of data for graduates with advanced degrees. Overall, NACE received responses from 350 schools/career centers detailing results for their bachelor’s degree graduates; 53 schools reported data for associate degree completers; 144 schools provided information for those earning a master’s degree; and 81 institutions reported results for doctoral degree recipients. In total, the graduating classes of these reporting institutions represent more than 650,000 graduates; this includes 516,000 at the bachelor’s degree level; 11,000 at the associate degree level; 110,000 at the master’s level; and 17,700 at the doctoral degree level. To our knowledge, this represents the most comprehensive view of graduate outcomes currently available.