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  • The Future of We: Materials From the NACE18 Session

    Trends & Predictions
    A recruiter reviews applicants through virtual reality.

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    “The Future of We” session, held on Thursday, June 7, at NACE18 in New Orleans, brought together more than 500 NACE members to collaborate on what the future will look like for career services and university relations and recruiting—and what we can do now to ensure success in the future.

    In addition to three presentations—covering the future of work, career services, and university recruiting—the session included a break out during which participants shared their insights and discussed the future of the profession. As part of the break out, each table was asked to develop one sentence describing what we can do now to position ourselves for the future.  The materials, including the presentation, scripts, discussion prompts, and single-sentence prescriptions, are available here.

    Powerpoint Presentation and Scripts
    The Future of We
    Marilyn Mackes
    Suzanne Helbig
    Drew Butts

    Break Out
    Discussion Prompts

    View the presentations with Facebook Live.

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