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  • What to Tell Key Campus Contacts About Career Services

    September 06, 2019 | By NACE Staff

    Branding & Marketing
    A career services professional speaks to the dean.

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    Spotlight for Career Services Professionals

    If you have five to 10 minutes to share information and updates about career services with key campus players, what would you cover?

    A career center director asked colleagues in the NACE Community for the top three things that they would share with deans, department chairs, and faculty. Here are some of their answers:

    • Graduate outcomes data;
    • Updates such as on new staff, a new customer relationship management system (CRM), new software, or digital tools;
    • Reminders about ethical/legal guidelines around employers and recruiting;
    • Resources faculty can use in their courses;
    • A list of services that can align with assignments (mock interviews, updating a resume, career fairs);
    • FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) rules, including rules around internships;
    • Classroom presentations and the number of students attending;
    • The majors of students who attended job fairs;
    • The number of students from each college (or department) that scheduled counseling;
    • Initiatives or strategic plans that address major-specific challenges;
    • Programs to help students be aware of career options in their fields; and
    • Highlights of last year’s internship opportunities.

    What information do you plan to share with others on your campus? Join the discussion in the NACE Community.

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