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  • The Career Counselor’s Guide to Social Media

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    The Career Counselor’s Guide to Social Media -2

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    Over the past decade, social networks have revolutionized the way we communicate. The career development and recruiting process is no stranger to this, as we have all seen shifts in how candidates and employers find and connect with each other via these tools. The Career Counselor's Guides to Social Media in the Job Search were created to serve as springboards for learning about social media as a job-search resource and ways career services professionals can help students maximize their opportunities online.

    There are five Career Counselor's Guides to Social Media in the Job Search:

    As you read the guides, here are a few things we invite you to keep in mind:

    • The goal of these guides is to be a launch point. Social networks are constantly pivoting, adding new features, and changing the way profiles appear. This is important for their businesses. To stay up to date with the networks, we recommend continued discussion among colleagues about the ways social media impacts career development. Numerous communities for discussion of this nature exist online, and we encourage you to join one or create your own.
    • There are certainly many more social networks in existence that could be covered here. What we hope you'll gain from reading these guides is a framework for helping students consider social media in their internship and job searches. You can take that framework and apply it to almost any network.
    • Each of the guides is split into three sections: creating strong profiles, networking and connecting, and finding jobs and internships. You can navigate to any section or read the whole guide in its entirety.
    • The guides are meant to be shared, so please feel free to do so.

    We hope this is a valuable resource for you in your work with students.

    Kevin Grubb
    Associate Director, Digital Media and Assessment
    Villanova University Career Center

    Shannon Conklin
    Associate Director of Assessment and Technology
    Temple University Career Center

    Megan Wolleben
    Assistant Director of Student Communications
    Bucknell University Career Development Center

    Published 2016.

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