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  • NACE Strategic Plan 2020-21


    The National Association of Colleges and Employers serves as the primary resource for those working with the college-educated seeking employment.


    The National Association of Colleges and Employers accelerates innovation and ongoing collaboration within a global community of professionals to develop and employ a future-ready workforce that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion.


    The National Association of Colleges and Employers empowers the community of talent acquisition and higher education professionals focused on the development and employment of college-educated talent by advancing equitable, evidence-based practices; creating leading content, research, and professional development opportunities; and enabling robust professional networks, while serving as the voice for the profession.

    Core Values

    • Collaboration: Encourage a spirit of partnership and common interest.
    • Inclusion: Foster and support diversity and inclusion to advance equity.
    • Integrity: Promote ethical and respectful behavior and high professional standards.
    • Innovation: Foster new knowledge and a commitment to continuous learning.
    • Excellence: Promote distinctive and high-quality programs and services.


    As the Association for those focused on the development and employment of the college-educated NACE will:

    1. Increase and retain a broadly diverse membership and create opportunities to engage and build professional networks.


      • Increase size and scope of membership market share and employ strategies to strengthen retention.
      • Identify and engage partners, organizations, and individuals to strengthen diversity of NACE membership and overall experience.
      • Develop opportunities for personalized experiences, customized networking, and interactive communities.

    2. Advance the body of knowledge, set standards, and cultivate professional acumen.


      • Develop and curate content, research, and standards and expand the scope of these through collaborative relationships.
      • Increase awareness of the NACE body of knowledge among NACE membership and the public.
      • Advance evidence-based practices of excellence based on NACE professional standards and competencies.
      • Strengthen professional acumen by offering relevant, comprehensive, and diverse types of professional development experiences and certifications.

    3. Serve as the leading source of research, data, and content.


      • Lead public awareness regarding the evolution of career development and talent acquisition through future-focused, predictive research and reports.
      • Broaden, deepen, and diversify the sources for survey participation.
      • Engage in ongoing dialogue around the career readiness and employability of new college graduates.
      • Leverage content from the NACE Center to deliver value to members and the public.

    4. Advocate as the leading voice for the profession and serve as the authority on related public policy.


      • Identify and prioritize relevant career development, talent acquisition, and public policy issues and develop substantive responses and positions.
      • Collaborate with partners to advance career development, talent acquisition, and public policy priorities.
      • Deliver key benchmarks and insights to enable members to strengthen their position within their organizations.

    5. Lead our profession in diversity, equity, and inclusion by identifying and proposing ongoing deliberate, achievable strategies, and guidance that combats racism.


      • Evaluate, revise, and implement policies, practices, and programs leading to equitable outcomes.
      • Provide voice for the profession on actionable systemic changes and approaches to eradicate racism and racial inequities.
      • Develop programming, research and content on anti-racism that lead and support decision-making and action for change.

    6. Ensure an operation that is financially sustainable with the infrastructure, technology, and staffing capabilities to drive innovation and fulfill its mission.


      • Evaluate and refine programs and services based on financial realities, strategic priorities and membership expectations.
      • Leverage programs, products, partnerships, and services to diversify and build new revenue sources.
      • Implement technology solutions and processes to maximize engagement and provide for operational efficiencies.
      • Plan, refine, and implement effective volunteer management programs.

    Value Proposition

    As a professional community focused on the career success of college graduates, we develop and advance knowledge, build and nurture relationships, inspire thought leadership, prepare for future workforce demands, and ultimately, create recognized value for higher education, employer and public stakeholders.


    Revised September 2020.

  • NACE believes in a world that is inclusive in approach and where equal opportunities and equitable outcomes exist for all. Read NACE’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement at